For You -
As an experienced life coach and hypnotherapist as well as facilitator, I can support you through the journey of change. With no instruction manual on how to live life you can either go along with what life throws at you - or you can take control and set your own direction, design the life that you really want!  Many people feel stuck - stuck in a life that, on paper, may look perfect BUT just doesn't feel right.

I live and work in the Wairarapa, 90 minutes from Wellington and Palmerston North where my husband and I also run a guest lodge, The Summit Lodge,  so it is possible for people to combine a break away from the city with some 'positive change facilitation' - be it career, life or retirement planning; or hypnotherapy - building resilience/managing stress, confidence building, losing weight, motivation or getting rid of a fear or phobia!  Basically, I can guide you through a process to help you design and attain the life YOU want.

4 leaf clovers

Life Designing - As life becomes ever more busy and hectic it can often feel overwhelming. You feel there has to be something else but don't have the time or resources to decide what it is or how to make it happen.  I can help guide you through the process of examining your dreams and hopes, beliefs, values and motivators.  I can help you remove limiting beliefs and fears, support you in setting goals and establishing more useful habits to get you to where you want to be.

I can help you turn your dreams into plans and then into actions.  Don't know what you want?  I can help there too through life designing or career planning.  I can share with you tools and techniques  and using hypnotherapy I can also help you give up smoking as well as release fears and phobias. Check out the services and workshops I offer in the menu to the left.

I don't just talk the talk - I walk the talk having 'reinvented myself several times - find out more about my story here.

5 leafed clovers
By the way - the 4 and 5 leafed clovers you see in the photos are real - just a few of the ones I have found.  Going to prove that what you focus your attention on is what you get!

For You and Your Partner -
Life designing works well for couples too.  For couples who have been together a long time or maybe who are quite new - what is it you want for your future?  What is important to you both?  What are your shared values and what areas of life of you want to pursue independently?  Time out to find your 'true north' can be exciting! A life designing session can open up new options previously not considered.

For Your Team -

I can provide my workshops in-house as well provide facilitation services for strategic planning and review sessions.  Find out more by contacting me.

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