A Fit and Fabulous Me

Traditionally losing weight and getting fit is about depriving yourself of food you enjoy and/or fixating on food that you know is 'bad' for you.

So many fad diets exist, all promising miraculous results - and, in the short term, many deliver.  In the long term, however you put the weight back on - plus some.

We will cover a number of principles as well as how to prevent self sabotage.Using a range of coaching, neuro linguistic programming and hypnotherapy this workshop is a fun way of starting your journey to becoming - and feeling -  even more fit and fabulous than you currently are!

This is not a 'boot camp' and there is no running or push-ups involved. This workshop is about learning more about your personal triggers and habits. 

The Practical Stuff

Run either as a small group retreat here in Gladstone or at your place, this workshop is 4 hours long and costs $200 pp for 4 people or $150pp for groups of 6

Contact Us

Should you be interested in a "Fit and Fabulous Me" group, please phone or email me for further information.  Discounted accommodation is available at The Summit Lodge for groups of 4 - 6 people.


4 Admiral Rd

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021 169 8080