Design the Life you Want

This workshop is for people who feel in a rut - things may be going well but something is missing.  Or life is not how you though it would be - there is nothing on the horizon to inspire you, just more of the same.  You think you should be doing something or making a change or two but you have no idea where to start or how to make it happen. Or it might be that you just feel overwhelmed by too many options or that you think you 'should' be satisfied with what you have and so do nothing and feel frustrated.

By the end of this workshop you will be much clearer about what you want - and will have a plan to make it happen!  From here you can make it happen and get the life you want.  The future will look exciting!

The 'audit' process - we start this workshop by getting a very clear handle on where you are up to right now - your strengths, motivators, your values, the things you love and the things you hate.  We do an 'assessment' of your health and fitness, hobbies and interests, finances, relationships, work, community and volunteering activities - what your priorities are and what currently takes up your time and energy.

The Big Picture stuff - so, what is in your future?  what do you want to see there? What do you want to do more of/less of; start doing/stop doing? What things are you likely to regret if you don't give it a shot?  What do you see as your purpose or your passion?  If you could do and be anything you wanted, what would it be?  what do you want on your bucket list?  What memories do you want to create?  I guide you through this process by challenging your thinking and helping you activate your imagination!

Planning it - so now that you have some idea on the direction you want to go, how are you going to get there from where you are now?  It can often feel impossible or over-whelming and that is where the plan comes in.  We look at the stuff you need to  do - research, budgeting, timeframes, milestones and key goals.  Some will be short term and others longer.

Practical stuff

This workshop is held over 2 days, with the option of staying overnight at the Summit Lodge at a discounted rate.

Workshop only - $300pp (4 people minimum)or for groups of 6, $1500 (lunch incl)

Workshop incl accommodation for one night (twin/double share) and dinner at the Summit Lodge, $500pp (4 people minimum) or $2500 for 6

After the workshop you may choose to book coaching sessions to keep you on track in implementing your plan - to discuss roadblocks, options, learning, doubts as well as to celebrate successes and resolve any issues such as self confidence, fears or motivation.  These sessions can be conducted by phone or Skype as well as in person.

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