Group Facilitation

I can provide facilitation services to groups - be they small businesses or teams or governance boards for not-for profits.  You may be doing some strategic planning, articulating your organisation or team's vision, values or key objectives.  As a facilitator I remain objective and neutral, ensuring the group is clear about the outcomes they want from the meeting - and then keeping them on track!  Having an independent facilitator has several advantages:

  • increased efficiency and better outcome
  • structure to the meeting - including expertise in vision/values/objectives setting
  • keeps you on track and on time
  • frees up the team leader/manager/chair to participate in the discussion
  • a record kept of the discussion on a whiteboard/flip chart (which can be transcribed later if needed)
  • ensures everyone in the group has a say
  • control over any dysfunction (eg, one person monopolizing discussion, following own agenda etc)
  • assumptions challenged by objective 'outsider' and questions asked to open up discussion

Having been a senior manager as well as an elected district Councillor has provided invaluable hands-on facilitation and chairing experience.  I also bring my experience gained from volunteering on the boards of several not-for-profit organisations including Volunteering Wairarapa, Age Concern, Cancer Society and Destination Wairarapa.

I work predominantly in the Wairarapa and Wellington region but can travel further if required.

Contact Me

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