Wairarapa Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy taps into your sub-conscious to 're-programme' your mind, updating and reframing beliefs, removing the old unhealthy habits that are keeping you stuck and replacing with the new healthier habits you want.

Hypnotherapy is really effective for stress management, confidence and resilience building, weight loss and releasing fears and phobias.

I use hypnotherapy in conjunction with coaching.  Finding out first what your issue is - the old habit/behaviour and what your ideal outcome is.  What is it you would prefer to be/think/experience?  More confident?  Calmer? Healthier? Free-er? Focused?  Happier?

I then use hypnosis to assist you implement the required change. 

Hypnosis is NOT about 'making' someone do something.  Neither is it about controlling your thoughts.  Throughout the process YOU are calling the shots.  Hypnotherapy is NOT what you see stage hypnotists is more like the trance everyone goes into from time to time - those times when you suddenly become aware a few minutes or an hour has gone by without you being conscious of it...when you 'get lost' in a movie or a good book for example.

If you don't quite know what it is you DO want, but you know it isn't what you currently have; I can help you identify what that something is, that you want - and what is getting in the way.

Much of how we react to situations is by habit - based on past experience, beliefs and our memory.  Often we don't consciously think about it - we just react.  Hypnosis helps you to 're-programme' some of this unconscious reaction. It is up to you what the 'new programme' looks like - as the therapist I just guide and support you in installing this new programme.

Many people harbor fears and phobias - spiders, flying, needles, dentists, heights, public speaking - the list is endless.  the mere thought of the thing triggers a physical reaction - and even if at a logical level we know the fear is irrational, we can't seem to change the reaction.  This is where hypnosis comes in.  It can change some of deep-seated stuff stored in your brain - stuff you are probably not even consciously aware is there!

In the same way, hypnosis can help you give up habits you know are not good for you - maybe you want to quit smoking or give up sugar or make healthier choices.  Reprogramming your reactions to certain triggers and giving you some tools and a much greater understanding on why you can't stick to diets, being smoke-free or whatever your goal is. I am dedicated to ensure client's can be the best version of themselves and achieve whatever it is they want to achieve.

Hypnosis is also excellent for managing stress and anxiety - providing a way of turning the reaction switch off to situations/people/events that cause stress and anxiety - or at least reduce the impact significantly.  So if you want to learn some techniques to become more relaxed and calm and better equipped to manage the inevitable curve-balls that life throws at you - come and see me, I can help.

Often just thinking about a certain something can trigger the stress feelings and reaction - in the same way, hypnosis can change the internal script and assist you to react differently!

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