Life Designing

Life designing works both for individuals and for couples.  It helps you set your 'true north' - the direction you want to head.  It helps achieve clarity and a feeling of control.  Life designing can be done in several sessions or via a workshop.

When we are born we not given a manual of 'how to do life', we just get on with it.  By the time we are adults a lot of what we do and how we do it has become automatic - and even if we want to change it can often be difficult.  Something doesn't 'feel right' or we feel trapped, in a rut.  But where to start?  How to get out of the rut and decide on the direction that is right for you? That is where life designing comes in.

Dream it

Time of out of your normal 'busy - ness' to climb a hill and look at the horizon.  What is it you really want from life?  What direction do you want to go?  I often meet people who want a change but consciously have no idea what.  It is like a dream that you can't quite remember. Through guiding you, we start to get some your dreams to the surface - all the stuff you really want - what you want to be spending your time and resources on, where, with who.  I help you to clarify the things that are important to you (rather than the stuff that you think you 'should' value) - the stuff that gets you out of bed in the morning -  and the things that you are likely to regret if you don't do them.  We then do a brainstorm on what you might want in your future and capture it in a mind map.  This process starts to unlock some of the stuff in your head that you were only vaguely aware was there - and you never know, you might surprise yourself with what dreams surface!

Plan it

So, now you have some clarity on the direction you want to go.  Next we do a bit of an 'audit' of where you are at right now - your values, your beliefs, strengths, family and relationships, job, finances, health etc.  Out of this we can see start to see some patterns as well as start to develop a road map from where you are now to where you want to go.  The plan may well involve things like researching options, getting a budget together, talking to people, getting time-frames sorted and key actions.  It is also likely that the plan will include a number of goals - things you want to achieve or explore and I can help you break these down into small steps to help you achieve the goals.

Do it

Now is the bit where you get to put your design into action!  At this stage you may feel you can implement your design yourself, you have the clarity you need.  Alternatively you may want to be coached - this involves regular check-ins with me, weekly, monthly or whatever suits you.  These sessions help you keep on track - review the progress you have made, we can also discuss what's worked, what hasn't and why; I will help motivate you, give feedback as needed, help you celebrate each small win as well as being a sounding board for you.

Throughout the process, remember, you CANNOT fail - life is a journey and a series of adventures.  Even when things don't go quite right, it is not a failure - find the learnings and the growth opportunities!

Practical stuff

I usually recommend at least two sessions of 2 hours each with a gap of overnight or longer - sufficient for you to think more about your dreams and future direction and process session one before getting into the next stage.  Each of these two hour sessions is an investment of $220.  Should you choose to come for follow-up coaching sessions these are $110 per hour.

Sessions can be for individuals or for a couple - and if you want to combine it with a 'retreat' In rural Wairarapa contact me for a booking at The Summit Lodge and some life designing! (Discounts available)

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