Your facilitator

Tracey O'Callaghan

After many years in the corporate world working in human resources and senior management I realised that, despite the salary and job title, I was not enjoying my work.  It felt like I was on a treadmill and having to implement decisions I didn't personally agree with, and I also realised I was often feeling stressed out.  So after much introspection and thinking I decided on a career and life change. 

Personally, if something hasn't been working or hasn't felt right I have taken action - changing jobs, getting rid of bad relationships, moving house (and country!), retraining and constantly redefining myself!  I bought and renovated my first house in 1987 a couple of years after graduating, I went backpacking for a year in 1990 following redundancy and an 'economic downturn', I emigrated from the UK to NZ in 1992; got married in 1993 - and divorced soon after; and I changed jobs every 2-5 years, moving and renovating house as frequently. My second husband and I moved to the Wairarapa from Wellington in 2009 after buying a lifestyle block on which we built a guest lodge and created a 2 acre garden!

Wanting to contribute to the local community I was elected to Carterton District Council in 2016 and have been involved with several not-for-profit organisations including Age Concern, Volunteering Wairarapa and the Cancer Society. I am, by choice and circumstances, child-free; and we share our home with a Labrador and 4 cats - as well as the B&B guests.  I am also a keen amateur photographer and Jim and I love traveling - exploring other cultures and countries.  Over the last few years we have traveled to Canada, France, India, Portugal, Italy, USA, Vietnam, Thailand as well as Australia and the Islands.

People tell me I am easy to talk to as well as a good listener.  Personally I thrive on change and I am not afraid to 'speak my truth' and challenge the status quo.  I am also very flexible and a 'big picture thinker'.  My core personal value has always been to Create to Make a Positive Difference regardless of what I am doing - designing a garden, cooking a meal or developing a strategic plan!

I also get a real kick out of helping others get clarity, purpose and personal satisfaction.


As well as practical life and career experience, I am constantly researching, reading and studying. Over the years I have acquired degrees (BSc in Social Psychology and MSc in Employment Studies), certificates and diplomas (Post Grad Diploma in Career Management, Certified Retirement Coach, Life Coach and Executive Coach) and knowledge in a heap of things including neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy (Diploma to be completed 2019), meditation, mediation and social change.

I bring all this to the table in my work as a Positive Change Facilitator!