Dealing with Stress

What is stress?

Physically, when we feel stressed we find it difficult, if not impossible to relax.  Sleep eludes us despite feeling exhausted - either we can't get to sleep or we wake up in the middle of the night feeling 'wired'.  We might get headaches, stomach churning - eating problems (too much food or not enough), our heart may pound, our breathing gets quicker and we sweat more.  We turn things  over and over in our head - what might happen or go wrong - or we can't stop thinking about something that has already happened and didn't go exactly to plan or how we envisaged it. We feel as though something terrible is going to happen - we might get images of some awful disaster. We can often be our own worse critic and that 'inner critic' can be screaming at you.  This, unfortunately, is all too common but it CAN be changed.

A little bit of stress can be useful - it can give us the edge for an event or situation but chronic stress is really not good for us.  It depletes our energy and our immune system.  It can impact on relationships, our job and certainly on our levels of happiness.  It can also impact on our physical health - stress releases a chemical cocktail in our bodies that can make us sick - 'dis-ease'.

It is much easier said than done to turn the worrying off.  The more you tell yourself there is nothing to worry about, the more stressed you feel. It is yet another thing to worry about!  The good news is, this is just a habit and all habits CAN be changed!  I can help you cement in some new, more helpful habits, more useful thought patterns and reaction-habits

Ever watched a cat get a fright?  There is an instant reaction - it arches its back, the tail gets fluffed out, it may hiss...but once the cat realizes the danger has gone, it stretches and goes back to sleep - totally relaxed.  People on the other hand, stay in that 'fight/flight response' - imagining all sorts of scenarios.  Even small incidents - or a memory -  can trigger the stress response (which is not a conscious decision) - the phone goes, an email arrives or your boss requests a meeting.....heart pumps, stomach churns....

Know that this is a 'learned' reaction and has become a habit - and it can be changed, it takes a little bit of practice, that is all - just like any new skill and I can help guide you through the process.

In helping you deal more effectively with stress, first we need to establish what brings it on and how it affects you.  I can then help you develop a customised plan and share some simple and yet effective techniques and tools to help you manage stress and anxiety. Helping you to become calmer, more relaxed and, ultimately, get more out of life.

A session will end with a guided relaxation exercise that can be recorded for you to use later when you wish. 

Practical Stuff

An initial session costs $110 and this can last 60-90 mins.  Follow up sessions of one hour are $110 or you can pre-book 5 sessions (one 90 min and 4 of one hour) for $500, payment in advance.

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