The Art of Relaxation

This half day retreat is held in rural Gladstone for groups of up to 6 people.  During the workshop you will experience several relaxation practices - guided self hypnosis,meditation and mindfulness exercises.  You can explore what works for you.  What helps you to feel more grounded, in control and calm.

Life can often be stressful. Stress symptoms include sleeplessness, stomach churning, feelings of panic, of being out of control.  When we are stressed we tend to worry a lot - imaging all the things that could go wrong.  Small challenges can feel like overwhelming problems.  Telling ourselves not to worry only seems to make it worse.

I can share with you some practical tools to help you relaxand to feel calmer - to turn off the stress response.

You don't need to be an experienced meditator - and for those who think they can't meditate - come and learn some tips!

Practical Stuff
The workshop is held over an afternoon here at The Summit Lodge in Gladstone from 1pm to 5pm with afternoon tea included.
The cost is $200 pp for 4 people or $150pp for a group of 6.

Should you be interested in a "The Art of Relaxation", please phone or email me for further information.  Discounted accommodation is available at The Summit Lodge for groups of 4 - 6 people.


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